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Having been in the rug business for many years, we know that Oriental rugs require special care and maintenance. Regular cleanings must be done to protect the rug’s beauty and value. Each rug has its own characteristics to consider, such as age, weave condition, and type of soils, when determining the cleaning method.

At Dover Rug & Home, we have the hands-on experience and expertise to identify your rug’s characteristics and how they work together to present specific cleaning needs. Our pledge to take care of your rugs for as long as you own them is as unique as the rugs themselves.

Whether it is a routine cleaning or a full restoration, we will bring back the feel and original beauty of the rug. With the cost of rugs, you can’t afford to have less than the best clean the rug for you. Just a reminder: your Oriental rugs are cleaned at our own facility, by our own experienced staff of many years. We never send your rugs out to others, because like you, we only trust us.

We at Dover Rug & Home know that owners of Oriental Rugs value them more than simple decoration pieces but as true investments, therefore we have some helpful advice for home care and maintenance.


Assemble an Emergency Kit which contains:
  • Woolite
  • Oxygen bleach
  • Grease solvent - dry cleaning fluid or spot remover
  • Nail polish remover
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Turpentine
  • Club Soda


Call Dover Rug & Home immediately, then follow the instructions under for small emergencies.


  • Act fast. Scrape or blot up all access spill or blemish using club soda or cold water to dilute
  • Pre-treat. To avoid setting stains, use cold water only when water is called for.
  • Greasy spills: sponge gently with grease solvent or apply detergent
  • Non-greasy spills: sponge with solution of one teaspoon liquid detergent to one cup water. Do not use soap and water
  • Animal Stains: Sponge freely with cold water. Apply solution of three tablespoons white vinegar to one quart water. Sponge with detergent suds and rinse.

Note: How to sponge.
  • Work lightly
  • work from center to edges
  • "Feather" area by sponging edges irregularly
  • Blot damp/dry quickly to avoid rings


Check with Dover Rug & Home Co. for suggested remedy and action until help arrives.


    Every couple of days, clean with a carpet sweeper or vacuum. When the carpet is new, gather up fluff and clip loose fibers as they appear.


  • Thoroughly clean vacuum adjusted to pile height,
  • Vacuum in the same direction as the lay of the pile. This will minimize "shading."
  • Periodically rearrange furniture to give “crushed" carpet areas a chance to recover. Rotating the rug periodically serves the same purpose.
  • Should old spots or stains reappear, work on them immediately.
  • Contact Dover Rug & Home Co. for deep cleaning


  • Clean thoroughly once a year using one of several acceptable home cleaning methods: dry, absorbent powder; water and detergent shampoo; foam spray shampoo. While these methods are not a substitute for a deep down professional cleaning job, they will brighten the carpet surface.
  • Take the extra trouble to remove as much of the cleaning agent suds or residue as possible. (To avoid electric shocks, do not vacuum when carpets are wet.)
  • Call Dover Rug & Home Co. should your carpet fail to respond to home cleaning.
  • Reverse or rotate large area rugs.
  • Relieve heavily traveled areas by covering with smaller accent rugs.
  • Re-arrange furniture or rotate rugs to equalize the damage caused by heavy traffic.


  • Static electricity: use humidifier or consult Dover Rug & Home Co.
  • Fading: check for abnormal soiling conditions (oily, sooty air) or consult Dover Rug & Home Co.
  • Repairs: of holes, tears, frayed binding, missing tufts, etc. Consult Dover Rug & Home

Re-dying: to change color or cover up stain. Consult Dover Rug & Home Co.
Dover Rug & Home | Best of Boston Oriental Rugs & Carpeting serving Boston, Boston Metrowest, and greater New England Whether it is a routine cleaning or a full restoration, we will bring back the feel and original beauty of the rug.